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Hip hop is one of the most famous and loved genres of song because of its high beat, relatability, and the flow. It's primarily loved by teens and gen-Z and still on the road of gaining popularity among adults too. In the last few years we have seen a number of emerging hip hop singers but a little we know is the fact that they narrate the songs which are written by highly skilled and talented ghostwriters. If you wish to be a successful hip hopper and smash the charts, then hire a ghostwriter from Book Publishing Partner today. We have a dedicated team of writers who write hip hop melodies effortlessly, which immediately becomes everyone’s favorite. Request a free quote today or speak to our senior ghostwriters for a song.

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Book Publishing Partner have been making into the charts of the best songs of the year and months and so forth because of the songs that our experts write. Over the past few years, we have served a number of local and international clients across the globe. Our successful track record and professionalism speaks for itself. We are always available round the clock to facilitate you in the most effective way possible. Speak to our best songwriter, provide them your expectations, requirements, and a canvas to paint the symphony of your thoughts.

Marketing & Broadcasting

First impression is the last impression because it is highly important that your album stands out the most among the rest. As much as the album cover and whole visuals are concerned, broadcasting your music on the right platforms and channels is essential too. If your music fails to reach the audience, everything goes in vain. And for that reason, Book Publishing Partner are always available for your services. We cover everything from marketing campaigns to cover designs and broadcasting of your music. Hire our team of experts today!

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Signup by following easy to follow steps. Our dedicated teams assist you throughout the registration process till the initial draft stage. We make sure that your every query and concern is facilitated in the most efficient and professional way possible.



The initial draft in songwriting refers to the first draft of the lyrics of your track. Our talented songwriter will understand the melody you have in mind, what are your expectations and everything to bring the track of your dreams into reality.


Revisions & Editing

After the initial draft, our experts give voice to your thoughts and send you the first copy of your original. In this stage the client can ask for reviews and revisions which will be entertained by the writers. Once it's all done and dusted, we move to the next step.



In this stage we deliver you the next chartbuster song which is credited to you. This step also involves marketing, broadcasting, album design, and much more. The teams make sure that we meet the deadlines along with your expectations.

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